Reposado with Blanco Mini Tequila Bundle


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In Honor of having a favorite, but maintaining that thirst for new things we’re bundling a 750ml bottle of our Reposado along with a 100ml, limited run, bottle of Hotel California Tequila Blanco. And yes, this little bottle is the same hand-blown glass as you’ll find with our 750ml bottles -because why should the artistry stop with what’s inside the bottle.

Reposado: Aged for a minimum of six months in both French and American oak barrels, our Reposado reveals aromas of wood, cooked agave, a bit of sweetness, almond, vanilla, and cocoa. A smooth tequila that boasts a well-defined character and a long finish that will charm connoisseurs and tequila newcomers alike. 

Blanco: Aromas of both cooked and raw agave and warm tropical fruits, a cool mouthfeel, and a long, endless finish suggest more maturity than a typical unaged tequila. This sweet, floral agave offering provides great texture, structure, and understated honey flavors that tequila purists will find in no other Blanco. Prepare it neat, on the rocks, or in one of our signature cocktails


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